Your decisions have an impact!

Terra Incognita: The Real Theory of Everything is a one-of-a-kind combination of a deck-building and tile-placement game, in which two opposing factions stand against each other. Scientists and conspiracy theorists are fighting for the future of our planet to decide whether it will be flat and completely crazy, or spherical and … you know, just normal.




40-60 MIN


Terra Incognita: Real theory of everything is a game in which players represent one of two factions: scientists or conspiracy theorists. They must decide once and forever: is Earth flat or spherical?

During their turn, players build their decks by adding cards to them. Each card can be played in two ways: to support your cause by gaining followers, allies, and evidence that will promote your agenda, or sabotage your opponent’s cause by spreading gossip and generating events.

Points of Hidden Truth and Science allow the player to buy tiles that are used to build a map of the whole world. It’s up to them if Earth will be flat or not! It ensures appropriate actions which can strengthen your decks.

At the very end – there can only be one winner! The person who wins is going to be the most powerful and – very likely – will change the face of the world forever!

Hidden Truth




  • We have cool illustrations with reptilians, pugs in UFO costumes and stuff.
  • A great combination of classical deck-building mixed with the tile-placement game. The world hasn’t seen anything like that yet! Call your mom, call your boss, and gather a team to play! The unique, fresh mechanics and immersive experience of a dynamic, interesting play for gamers on every age are seriously mind-blowing! You simply cannot miss that.
  • An incredible sense of humour – get your sores ointment ready, because as a result of compulsive laughter caused by the game you will have to lubricate your cheeks and stomach!
  • Be whoever you want in the game – we won’t judge!
  • Do you want to save the world from these guys and you believe in science? In this game, you can even land on Mars and design a new cancer vaccine to benefit mankind, so let’s go!
  • You’re collecting board games and want to have all of them.
  • You’re a millionaire and you don’t know what to do with your money. Or you just want to feel like one.



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